Ellen Pat

Fragments; Fragmentos

August, 2020; Agosto, 2020
Graphite on paper; Grafito sobre papel
12 x 9
Theme: Connection

My grandmother has been a pivotal figure since childhood and still is today. During these difficult times and struggles, the only person I mostly think about is my grandmother. Even though I have not seen her for many months because of the pandemic, she remains to be my inspiration to get through the day. My grandmother’s presence in my drawing brings me a peace of mind.

Mi abuela ha sido una figura fundamental desde la infancia y lo sigue siendo hoy en día. Durante estos tiempos y luchas difíciles, casi la única persona en la que pienso es mi abuela. A pesar de que no la he visto durante muchos meses debido a la pandemia, ella sigue siendo mi inspiración para superar el día a día. La presencia de mi abuela en mi dibujo me tranquiliza.